Purchase UltraTone
Credit via CimbClicks Account

(Step 1 to 7 is only done for first time only)

1. visit CimbClicks website and click on login

2. Type CimbClick Username 

3. Type your password and click on “Submit”

4. Under “My Accounts” menu click on
 “My Favorites”

5. Click on “Add New Account No.”

6. Type below:
8002522896 (BasketAsia Sdn Bhd)
Account Holder’s Nickname:

GPN [Your GPN number]

and click then on “Submit”

7. Click on “Request” to get TAC code via SMS on your mobile,
and type the TAC code (usually a 6-digit) in the next field
and click on “Submit”

8. Under “Transfer” Menu 
click on “Within CIMB Bank”

9. Select your Source Account and then choose“UltraTone”
Type the amount
you wish to purchase (Minimum RM10)
and then click on “Submit”

10. Click on “Confirm”

11. Copy and Paste reference to UltraTone Chat